Art-o-rama Marseille invites SIX YEARS

Art-o-rama invites C-E-A – Association française des commissaires d’exposition to present its online curatorial platform SIX YEARS during the salon.

In its booth, SIX YEARS shows  the documentation of the research it carries out about the dematerialization of the artwork within the space of  the Internet. More specifically, the research project looks at  feminist strategies related to the ethics of care, and  draws on the question: “What do curators care for?”. SIX YEARS aims to prompt a critical reflection about practices and principles of care ethics, which are based on a system of interrelationships, empathies, mutual responsibilities and communications (Tronto, 2009). Therefore, SIX YEARS raises the question: How can we apprehend care ethics within the frame of the ‘curatorial’ while using the interrelational potentialities of the digital realm?

♥ Join SIX YEARS on booth #74 – 3rd Floor of LA TOUR.

from August 25 to 29 2022, 2pm-8pm
entrance : Friche la Belle de Mai, 41 rue Jobin 13003 Marseille

♥ Join Arlène Berceliot Courtin and Francesca Zappia, two members of SIX YEARS, for a conversation about the new orientations of the programme.

Sunday 28 August from 5 to 6 pm
Grand Plateau of La Friche La Belle de Mai in Marseille
Free admission

⇒ The new orientations of the SIX YEARS programme can be read in full here
⇒ Find the press release for SIX YEARS x Art-o-rama here
⇒ More info on Art-o-rama’s invitation here
⇒ Go to SIX YEARS’s and browse the many resources: youtube channel, research board, reading list…
⇒ Archive of the first curatorial residency “Blockchain, me neither” by Aude Launay here
⇒ Archive of the workshop with artist, curator and activist Ailie Rutherford here

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