Six Years

curatorial creation tool


Creative, cognitive and informative, the online curatorial platform SIX YEARS borrows its name from the seminal work of American writer, art critic, curator, activist and feminist activist Lucy R. Lippard. Lippard (born April 14, 1937) is one of the first art historians to recognize the dematerialization at work in conceptual art.

In 1973, Lucy R. Lippard published “Six Years”, a reference book on the “dematerialization of the work of art from 1966 to 1972”. Six Years, sometimes considered as a conceptual object, embodies a new artistic movement that Lippard personally wanted to identify and analyze, as well as a new approach to art criticism. Nearly forty years later, the Brooklyn Museum celebrated this experience by organizing an exhibition, transforming the book that resembled an exhibition into an exhibition materializing the initial ideas of the book. (Source:, translated by C-E-A, France).

CEA / French Curators Association wishes to pay tribute to Lucy R. Lippard by respectfully borrowing the title of this reference book to name its new dematerialized curatorial experimentation platform whose primary objective is to develop and give visibility to the current and future potentialities of the exhibition curator.

the SIX YEARS platform

SIX YEARS, platform for dematerialized curatorial experimentation, draws the potentialities of a profession and more generally of a set of practices in perpetual becoming. Its purpose is to support and accompany contemporary curatorial practices and takes the form of an editorial residency, in individual or collective format, once a year.

The platform is a space of curatorial creation with an experimental vocation, regarding the question of writing and digital uses. This tool allows to think about the renewal of curatorial practices (research in art, spaces of the exhibition, dynamic processes / workshops vs exhibition, role of the curator…).

With the aim of leading thoughts related to the uses of digital and curatorial research, SIX YEARS hosts a “virtual” curator’s residence, whose first edition will begin on June 1st, 2019.

Each year, a guest curator will be able to seize the platform tool SIX YEARS to question the curatorial practice itself (projects oriented toward online curating, streaming radio, cultural mediation device, creation of new media-transmedia, etc.)

During this 6 months residency, the curator or collective selected on project is invited to produce a curatorial form published on this platform (remote work).

The resident will focus on the fragility of an immaterial space, considering cyberspace as an exhibition space, an in situ workplace, and ultimately a site where realities intersect.

The curator will find at his disposal a platform with four entries allowing the integration of different forms of expression :

– a logbook, including research work on 6 months of residence, containing edited forms: written, Oral, visual, audiovisual, live or recorded, incorporating many settings options

– a discussion area in the form of a logbook filter, allowing time for 6 months of residence, to communicate with a community of curators in Europe. This space will be open and will benefit from a monthly report by sending a newsletter

– a resource center including a permanent and living archive of the exhibition curating, the platform can host a large number of resources : audiovisual, hyperlinks, html code, etc.

– Following the residency, the resident will benefit from a web diffusion space over a period of six months (selection, dialogue between works of art, texts and any other object). Curators are asked not to recreate a three-dimensional space, but to retain their initial faculties (Internet browsing and undetermined potentiality of the web page).

Only Commissioners can use the curatorial creation tool