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Vit à : Colombes , France



Hand Play
Photographs by Yann Delacour
Curated by Béatrice Andrieux

The work of Yann Delacour adresses the issue of body and variation. Adopting a highly precise device, involving mirrors and latex gloves, he composes images from which hybrid forms and landscapes emerge. Reversing the principle of shadowgraphy, the prints made according to a clearly identified protocol, play on the possibilities of the plasticity of the hands and fingers to develop play on perception and transformation with references to theatricality, conjuring and sculpture. The “Variation I” series, alternating between unitary and superimposed images, reinforces the performance aspect of the sequence in which hands and gloves disrupt the legibility of the forms. In “Variation II”, the photographer’s gloved hands, placed on the edge of a mirror, make up a scene. The fully visible installations make it possible to distinguish the object of the illusion from the hybrid bodies and landscapes that emerge from it. The large format colour “Finger Print”, composed of a flower petal placed on a finger, conceals nothing of the rules behind the play. A patent photograph representing the fusion of human and plant body, the image illustrates how information from the fingerprint is passed to that of the petal. Yann Delacour questions our relationship to the world, as well as to our own body and origins, a double landscape that is recomposed and redefined in perpetual movement.


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