PUBLIC POOL # 3 – “Objects have the word” // Frac Nord-Pas-de-Calais // March 2017

PUBLIC POOL # 3 “Objects have the word”
Frac Nord-Pas-de-Calais
Saturday, March 25
14h – 21h

The Frac Nord-Pas de Calais hosts the first presentation of PUBLIC POOL in the region: unique event of meetings and sharing ideas created at the initiative of the association C-E-A / Association française des commissaires d’exposition. At the invitation of Keren Detton, Jean-Christophe Arcos, Fabienne Bideaud, Marianne Derrien, Lucie Orbie and Leila Simon selected 29 artists, curators, critics … for an afternoon of visual or performance interventions.

14h – 21h: return of interventions
9pm – midnight: DJ evening
This meeting will take place in the context of the exhibition “The objects domesticate” which is presented to the Frac until August 27th.

A fridge, a nice scooter, a atomixaire, and Dunlopillo; a stove with a glass oven, heaps of cutlery and cake shovels …
The modern period has sung us to wear the song of the object – overflowing the simple fetishism, his cult has today turned into a delegation to the object of our productive capacities, physical, cognitive. If art is the natural spouse of the object, the ready-made and the ambiguity of the design multiplied their points of contact. What about the subject? The subjectivity that characterizes the artist, the curator or the viewer would it have abandoned the field?
Each participant is invited to take inspiration from one or the other of the entries proposed in a given list, in order to propose a specific intervention pertaining to the position and the speech as well as a visual or performée.

– Céline Ahond
– Damien Airault
– Nicolas Boulard
– Benoit Broisat
– Arnaud Dejeammes
– Clara Denidet
– Jean-Charles of Quillacq
– Hoel Duret
– Aymeric Ebrard
– Alexandra Fau
– Arthur Fléchard
– Thierry Fournier
– Florian Gadenne
– Romain Gandolphe
– Alice Haddad
– Laurent Lacotte
– Jules Lagrange
– Jean-François Leroy
– Ariane Loze
– Gabriel Méo
– Jocelyn Moisson
– Vanessa Morisset
– [or nothing]
– Johan Parent
– Géraldine Py and Roberto Verde
– Catherine Rannou and Michela Sacchetto
– Clio Simon
– Welchrome
– Fabien Zocco
And the participation of Radio DUUU.

Listen PUBLIC POOL # 3 – “Objects have the word ».

Frac Nord-Pas-de-Calais
503 Avenue des Benches of Flanders, 59140 Dunkerque
Price entry price of Frac: 3 € / reduced 2 €
Free with the C-E-A card
Find the event on Facebook
9h30-11h30: visit of artists’ studios in Fructôse (Dunqkerque)
12h-14h30: artist meetings at the Emergent gallery (Veurne-Belgium)
Registration required before Monday, March 20th:
15-16h: visit of the exhibition “The objects domesticate” with Keren Detton
16h-17h: discussion around the question of the place of the object with the philosopher Theodora Domenech
Accessible freely within the limits of available places

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