Aurélie FAURE
Commissaire d'exposition indépendante, autrice et éditrice • Independent curator, author and editor


Vit à : Paris

Independent curator, author and editor, member of c-e-a and AICA France, Aurélie Faure is committed to the artists of her generation. Her commitment translates into the conception and production of exhibitions, editions and texts, conducive to the analysis of the mechanisms of our societies. Driven by human, political and social sciences, her research questions the notion of “Posture” through methodologies and work ethics, and generates curatorial forms favourable to encounter and transmission, to emancipation and resistance.

Since 2010, Aurélie Faure has coordinated and produced international exhibitions (Murakami Versailles-Perrotin, Institut français, Emerige, Universcience, Hermès, Nuit Blanche 2018). Since 2015, she has curated and directed projects in France and abroad (CAC Chanot, CAC Meymac, CWB | Paris, Friche Belle de Mai, Art Vilnius). At the same time, she is developing a collaborative writing practice through the creation and production of radio, audiovisual, sound and/or performance pieces, in pairs or collectives, with artists and authors, within the framework of grants and residencies: Artagon Pantin (2022-23), Generator (2022), La Villette (2022), Slow Motion (2021), la supérette (2021), Carbone 20 (2020), La Station – Gare de mines (2019). In 2022, his critical approach was rewarded at the “Prix Aica 2022” with a special mention from the jury for his oratory on “Silence” as a current trend; and by “Point de vue”, an editorial invitation to publish a critical text in The Art Newspaper in 2023 in partnership with Documents d’Artistes.




Winner of “Point of view: editorial invitation” by AICA France, the Artists’ Documents Network and The Art Newspaper France , which aims to write and publish a critical text based on the work of artists present. e s in the region.


Nominated for the AICA 2022 Prize, winner special mention of the jury — with “silence” as a current trend

RESIDENT at Artagon Pantin (18 months)

PUBLICATION of three texts on the work of Nefeli Papadimouli, Antonin Hako, and Paola Siri Renard, for the catalogue of the Bourse Révélations Emerige 2022, Paris.

GENERATOR#8 residency, Rennes — Avril.

PERFORMANCE, ” À 21h44, il sera 16 heures du matin “, collectif 16am, Vernissage 100% l’expo, Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris

COLLOQUIUM, ” La bamboche, c’est terminé “, Centre d’Art Contemporain Chanot, Clamart – with Tony Regazzoni, Madeleine Mathé, Arnaud Idelon, Benoît Coquard, Julie Hascoët et Jérémie Peltier, Jean-Michel Destang, Eva Peel, Sarah Gamrani, Cuco Cuca

Curator of the exhibition ON ACHÈVE BIEN LES DISCOS (They Shoot Discos, Don’t They?) by Tony Regazzoni, Centre d’Art Contemporain Chanot, Clamart — from 03.12 to 05.27

Publication, Mikail Koçak, Watch This Space 11 biennal catalog, 50° Nord

Conference with Emmanuelle Lallement, anthropologist of the contemporary festive phenomenon, and Tony Regazzoni, media library La Buanderie, in Clamart — Saturday 01.15,  4pm.


Publication Radmila Jovandic Dapic: “Light makes the design”, text commissioned by Documents D’Artistes Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Residency at la supérette | Maison des Arts de Malakoff with 16am, a collective of authors with variable geometries who explore the potential of the party as an artistic medium, with Samuel Belfond, Clément Douala, Aurélie Faure, Ava Hervier, Arnaud Idelon, and Camille Trapier.

Publication of the text ARCHITECTURE DE LA TEUF (Architecture of the Party) on the work of Julie Hascoët (4000 signs), for Bad To The Bone #16.

SLOW MOTION residency at the CACC in Clamart, with Tony Regazzoni, for the project Le Fantôme de la discothèque (The Ghost of the Disco).

Creation of a temporary research laboratory, Topogramme, a programme designed with Léo Marin, at Double Séjour, Paris, on the invitation by Thomas Havet.


Curator of the exhibition PREMIÈRE (700m2), Abbaye Saint-André – Centre d’art contemporain, Meymac; selection of eleven graduates from the partner schools: ESACM (Clermont-Fd), EESI (Poitiers-Angoulême), ENSA (Bourges).

Publication of an INTERVIEW with Jérôme Grivel (20 000 characters), for OPTICAL SOUND #07, p122-133

Creation of a video based on an interview with Valérian Goalec, as part of the SIDE TO SIDE programme, initiated by the Cité internationale des arts and c-e-a.

Co-curator of the exhibition SIGNAL, at the invitation of the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles | Paris, at the Panorama (400m2), at the Friche Belle de Mai, in Marseille.
+ publication of an interview (25,000 characters) with Yann Chateigné in the exhibition catalogue.


Coast Contemporary Residency, Norway – 3rd edition: Organised Freedom, in partnership with c-e-a.

Publication of five interviews (2000 characters each) in the 5-year catalogue of the Emerige Revelations Grant, with Elsa and Johanna, Louis Cyprien Rials, Armand Morin, Mali Arun, Randa Maroufi.

Publication of PRENDRE LE TEMPS OU RÉSISTER (Take Time or Resist), text on Florent Meng (6000 characters), for Documents D’Artistes Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

SET UP #2, research programme set up by documents d’artistes and c-e-a: creation of a sound piece Sometimes you don’t know what to do with an octopus and an exhibition in partnership with Florent Meng, at L’ahah, Paris.

Artistic Direction of the FOCUS FRANCE (selection of 11 French galleries) and curator of the exhibition ON THE EDGE (project space 400m2), for the 10th anniversary of Art Vilnius in Lithuania, with the support of the French Embassy.
press: On the edge of change, Art Territory, par Auguste Petre

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