Ancienne membre du Conseil d'administration de C-E-A


Vit à : Saint-Ouen

Cécile Bourne-Farrell worked for seven years as a curator, at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de la Paris (ARC) and has since organized many cultural projects for both public and private institutions. She graduated from the Museum Studies program at the École du Louvre, followed by a formation in Cultural Policies from the École du Magasin in Grenoble. She has also worked for artists such as Fareed Armaly, Juan Muñoz, Antoni Muntadas, Robert Gober and Rodney Graham towards the production of their works in Spain.
She has also participated as a member of jury for several significant prizes and competitions in France as well as abroad, upon the invitations of foreign representatives such as Iaspis or the Ramon Llul Institute. Notably, she was allotted a research grant by the Sino-Taiwanese Foundation. Besides this, she writes regularly for periodicals such as Art Papers, as well as contributes to catalogues for monographs (Arturo Hernandez Alcazar, , Farah Khelil, Pilar Albarracin, Hermine Bourgadier, Djamel Kokene, Hair Sarkissian, Chourouk Hriech, Pascale Martine Tayou, Huang Yong Ping, Txuspo Poyo, Otobong Nkanga, Younes Rahmoun, James Webb, Sue Williamson or Shen Yuan, etc…). She teaches at Paris School of Art, Paris.
She is an active member of the AICA and the IKT, participated in the Administrative Council of the C-E-A, Mains d’Œuvres in Paris and from 2001-03. She served on the committee of the NMAC Foundation/Montenmedio (2002-2006) and of L’appartement22, Rabat. She works to get her with Mari Linmann ( for the methodic implementation of new public projects in the suburb of Paris and was the Spanish meditator for Fondation de France as their Meditaor in Spain for 5 years. She is currently working in the department of War Studies at King’s College towards the creation of a residency program and a curatorial project in 2016.

“My approach as a curator is based on the attempt to create conditions for work with emerging artists, whether in the form of exhibition projects or the establishment of larger calls for public spaces. My experience particularly as a mediator with the New Sponsors project sought to inspire citizens in a process that calls for a communal engagement and collaborative desire to consecrate culture.
Professionally, I believe that creating choices for people involves paying adequate attention to the concepts of language and culture. This dialogue is particularly dear to me specifically as, since my childhood, I have migrated through various cultures and boundaries. This constant motion is certainly not trivial, as it utilises choice as its driving force. The motivation to meet projects under demand comes from the constant transpositions that occur in our fast-paced world. It is these cultural and social changes that cause confrontations amongst us and produce various forms of cultural desire. This underscores the reality of a cosmopolitan lifestyle, and thus the reality of our society as whole, suggesting simultaneously new paradigms that can be put into place.”


Commissaire du projet Une pièce de monnaie de Monsieur Risso, de Baptist Coelho, Commune Image, Saint-Ouen.

Commissaire-invitée du Pavillon du Palais de Tokyo dans le cadre de la Biennale d’Anglet avec les résidents 2012/2013 : Carlotta BAILLY-BORG, Feiko BECKERS, Julie BENA, Daiga GRANTINA, Francesco FONASSI, Peter MILLER, Julien PEREZ, Agnieszka RYSZKIEWICZ, Gonçalo SENA et Theo TURPIN.

Exposition de Jérôme Poret intitulée Stagedivine/Flashforward & Co au Lavomatic, ainsi que le projet de Baptist Coelho qui se tiendra en juin entre Synesthésie, Saint-Denis et d’autres espaces culturels de la Seine-Saint-Denis.

Shuffling Cards (Mouvement aléatoire des Cartes), avec Mohssin Harraki, Katia Kameli, Grace Ndiritu, Otobong Nkanga, Farah Khelil, Catherine Poncin, Karim Rafi, Andrea Stultiens, Achraf Touloub et James Web, à Art-Cade, du 15 novembre 2012 au 30 janvier 2013.

Commissaire invitée de Contained Measures of Tangible Memories : Indigo Regina, Otobong Nkanga, pour L’appartement22, Rabat, Maroc.

Sanna Marander, Lavomatic Studio, Saint-Ouen.

Commissaire invitée de Shuffling Cards, pour Art-Cade (15 nov.-30 janv. 2013) avec Mohssin Harraki, Katia Kameli, Farah Khelil, Catherine Poncin, Grace Ndiritu, Otobong Nkanga, Karim Rafi, Andrea Stultiens, Achraf Touloub et James Webb.

Co-commissaire avec Martine Michard d’Histoires non encore Racontées, avec les artistes Jose-Arnaud Bello, Santiago Borja, Jonathan Hernàndez, Centre d’Art de Cajarc.

L’inattendu du Tout Monde, un hommage à Goddy Leye, avec Joel Andrianomearisoa, Mohssin Harraki, Katia Kameli, Perrine Lacroix, Jesus Palomino, Otobong Nkanga et Younes Rahmoun, dans le cadre Art-O-Rama, à Marseille pour L’appartement22, Rabat.

Shaun Gladwell, Pacific-Undertow Sequence (Bondi) et Charlotte Moth, Proximity, Lavomatic Studio, Saint-Ouen.

Contingences, pour l’Orange Rouge, Saint-Denis, (avec Hermine Bourgadier, Franck David, Vincent Ganivet, Djamel Kokene, Hans Walter Müller, Marylène Negro, Flavie Pinatel, Cyril Seguin, Seulgi Lee, Claudia Triozzi).

Othman Fekraoui, Le Témoin et Peter Filligham, The Outskirts, Lavomatic Studio, Saint-Ouen.

2008 – 2009 
This is now 1 & 2, pour L’appartement22, à la Johannesburg Art Fair, Afrique du Sud et à L’appartement22, Rabat, Maroc (avec Art Orienté Objet, Anne Durez, Seamus Farrell, Katia Kameli, Goddy Leye, Waheeda Mallulah, Otobong Nkanga, Younes Rahmoun, Hany Rashed, José Luis Tirado et James Webb).

Autres Mesures, Cpif, Centre Photographique d’Ile-de-France, Pontault-Combault (avec Pilar Albarracín, Julieta Aranda, Sergio Belinchón, Hermine Bourgadier, Irina Botea, Michel Blazy, Daniel Chust Peters, Lionel Estève, Jean-François Fourtou, Michel François, Miklos Gaál, Isabelle Hayeur, Djamel Kokene, Sean Lynch, Antoni Miralda, Joachim Mogarra, Otobong Nkanga, Flavie Pinatel, Edouard Sautai).

Mohssin Harraki, Some videodialogue with other artists, Lavomatic Studio, Saint-Ouen.

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