PUBLIC POOL # 4 – “Writing Art” // Cité internationale des arts // December 2017

Saturday, December 9
Auditorium – International City of the Arts
14h – 21h

PUBLIC POOL is a continuous event, a forum / forum for discussions on aesthetic news in relation to the issues currently facing society.
Like a research laboratory, the Public Pool format offers the possibility of developing new, thoughtful or experimented forms of presentation.

For this fourth edition, we wanted to question writing in the field of art. This subject is all the more vast in that its definition varies according to the preposition that precedes it-writing about art, writing for art, writing with art, and so on. All the stake of this edition rests then on an ambivalent movement: to restrict by the terms “to write” and “art” and to open on the plurality of the voices that can express themselves on this subject.

Each participant is invited to propose to the Cité internationale des arts a specific intervention pertaining to both the position and the speech, as well as a visual or performance proposal.
A proposal by Aurélie Faure, Madeleine Filippi, Marie Gayet and Sarah Mercadante, for C-E-A / Association française des commissaires d’exposition.


2:05 pm – Hubert RENARD

2:25 pm – Guillaume AUBRY

2:40 pm – Aurélie BARNIER

3 pm – Vanessa MORISSET

3:10 pm – Agathe BERTHAUX WEIL

3:28 pm – Nina LEGER

4 pm – Arthur FLECHARD

4:17 pm – SUMMER (Laurent Lacotte & Pablo Cavero)

4:55 pm – Christine DEMIAS

5:10 pm – Jean-Christophe ARCOS

5:20 pm – François DURIF

5:40 pm – Damien DION

5:15 pm – Julie LE TOQUIN

6:20 pm – Marianne DERRIEN / Remy YADAN

7:00 pm – Jean-François BOCLÉ

7:20 pm – Feriel BOUSHAKI / Charlotte KHOURI / Anaïs LEROY

7:40 pm – Pauline FREMAUX / Naomi MELVILLE

8:00 pm – Vincent TANGUY

8:10 pm – Garance DOR / Valentina FAGO

8:30 pm – Pauline BORDANEIL

From 4 pm to 7 pm : Paloma MOIN

From 4 pm to 9 pm: Elsa WERTH

Auditorium of the Cité internationale des arts
18, rue de l’Hôtel de Ville
75004 Paris
M7 Marie Bridge or M1 Saint Paul
Free admission, limited seating available
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