Curateur et Critique d'art indépendant


Vit à : Paris , France

Léo Marin is an independent curator, editor and art critic. He is one of the co-founders of Éditions Born And Die (BAD) with Aurélie Faure and Ivan Dapic. Since 2014, he has also directed the contemporary section of Galerie Eric Mouchet in Paris – Saint-Germain-des-Prés and in Brussels since 2022. In charge of the young creation program, he builds a team of French and international artists. He is an active member of Les Commissaires d’Exposition Associés (C-E-A) and a member of the A.I.C.A. France since 2018 and defends a non-elitist art criticism accessible to all. Curator On The Run, he intends with the residency The Possible Island – Vulcano (Sicily), to develop and disseminate island and ecological issues, making the island a continent on an individual scale.

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