Fabienne BIDEAUD


Vit à : Paris

An art historian, Fabienne Bideaud is based in Paris where she works as a freelance curator. Prize winner with the artist Donatella Bernardi of the 2013 contemporary art prize for contemporary art programming attributed by the Geneva Cantonal Contemporary Art Fund (FCAC), they are preparing an
exhibition entitled Smoking Up Ambition! for autumn 2014 in Geneva. In 2012-2013, she was the invited curator for La Box, Ensa Bourges, where she developed a programme entitled “We are not done with the object yet”, in collaboration with the artist Ann Guillaume. She organised the exhibition of fifth year graduate students, Souvenirs et mémoires artificielles, and its accompanying catalogue at the Caen/Cherbourg School of Fine Art (ésam). She also participates in the “Young curators” exchange programme between France and Germany organised by the French Institute in Berlin and the Goethe Institute. Since 2010, she has curated a number of exhibitions: Mètre Carré (Paris), Le champ de dispersion (Paris), Ready for fatality? (Berlin), has worked in art schools, such as the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Ensa, Bourges, ésam Caen/Cherbourg, and participated in curatorial residencies in Gwangju, South Korea. She is interested in the comprehension of a local artistic scene in its context, in its production modes and in its theoretical and environmental (social, political, economic) issues. She has just finished a six-week curatorial research residency of at the MeetFactory, Prague, a project initiated by the French Institutes in Prague and Paris, in partnership with the MeetFactory Artists-in-Residence programme, and she is invited by IASPIS, Stockholm, for a short research stay next spring (2014).


Influential Cabinet, Studio 16 et 23, Meetfactory, Prague, République Tchèque.

« A suivre…2013 », Souvenirs et mémoires artificielles, exposition des diplômés, ésam Caen/Cherbourg.

« On n’est pas sorti de l’objet », programme de trois expositions pour la résidence curatoriale La Box, ENSA Bourges, en collaboration avec l’artiste Ann Guillaume.

Are you ready for fatality ? Note On, Berlin, Allemagne.

Le champ de dispersion ou la pomme de terre en robe des champs, Atelier Ann Guillaume, Cité des arts, Paris.

Mètre carré, Galerie Jeune création, Paris.

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