“SET UP” organized with the Artists Document Network // Cité internationale des arts // April 2018


> 17:00 – 19:00
C-E-A invites its members and anyone interested to attend the Extraordinary General Assembly, this meeting will be an opportunity to discuss with you the 2018 projects and we will proceed with the renewal of the Board of Directors.

> 19:30 – 22:00
SET UP – Performances, installations, videos, live …
Pierre Beloüin (Artist, Toulon) [Feat. Hell Botcho] / Arlène Berceliot-Courtin (Curator, Paris)
Olivier Crouzel (Artist, Bordeaux) / Emeline Dufrennoy (Curator, Strasbourg)
Sharon Kivland (Artist, Plouër-sur-Rance) / Fabienne Bideaud (Curator, Paris)
Donovan Le Coadou (Artist, Dunkirk) / Romain Semeteys (Curator, Paris)
Bruno Silva (Artist, Clermont-Ferrand) / Veronica Valentini (Curator, Barcelona)

Evening organized by C-E-A / French Association of Exhibition Curators and the Réseau documents d’artistes / Inter-regional Grouping of Artist Documents sites.
Public rendering of research projects involving 5 artist / curator pairs created as part of a collaboration between C-E-A and the Réseau documents d’artistes:

> 19H30 – Showroom n ° 7
Presentation of binomials by C-E-A & Réseau Documents d’artistes
> 20H – showroom n ° 7
Pause: Bruno Silva / Veronica Valentini
>>> Text by Veronica Valentini about Bruno Silva

> 8:30 pm – Arts Café
Reading: Sharon Kivland / Fabienne Bideaud
>>> Text by Fabienne Bideaud on Sharon Kivland

> 20H45 – Parking
Pause: Bruno Silva / Veronica Valentini

> 21H – Arts Café
Madeline: Pierre Beloüin [Feat. Hell Botcho] / Arlene Berceliot Courtin
>>> Text by Arlène Berceliot Courtin on Pierre Beloüin
Madeline: Pierre Beloüin [Feat. Hell Botcho] / Arlene Berceliot Courtin –
> 9:30 pm – Mix, Café des arts
Continuous from 19H30 to 22H
Showroom n ° 7
The Guardians: Olivier Crouzel / Emeline Dufrennoy
>>> Text by Emeline Dufrennoy on Olivier Crouzel
The Guardians: Olivier Crouzel / Emeline Dufrennoy
Arts Café
Rendez-vous in the library: Sharon Kivland / Fabienne Bideaud
Car park
Nordic Odin: Donovan The Coadou / Romain Semeteys
>>> Text Romain Semeteys on Donovan The Coadou

C-E-A and the Artist Document Network invited 5 C-E-A curators to meet 5 artists represented by the DDA Network. According to their desires and concerns of research, visits of workshops were organized in order to initiate the dialogue, laying the bases of collaborations. The exchanges developed give rise to the production of texts on the work of the artists and the organization of an evening of public restitution, on April 6, 2018 at the Cité internationale des arts, Paris. On this occasion, singular forms of broadcasting will be presented by each pair (video projections, discussions, performances, concerts …). These unpublished co-productions will carry their own language, while reflecting the meeting points between artistic and curatorial approaches.

Since 2011, the Réseau documents d’artistes has been bringing together existing artists’ documentation structures in the PACA, Brittany, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and New Aquitaine regions. These documentary sites devoted to territorial artistic scenes constitute an exponential and editorialized digital resource on contemporary creation. The Réseau documents d’artistes represents and accompanies more than 400 artists in France and develops various actions in order to stimulate the visibility of the works on an international scale and to accompany the art professionals in their prospection. Through its editorial web platform, the programming of dissemination events and the engagement of collaborations, it promotes the knowledge and the influence of contemporary art.

SET UP is organized as part of the Correspondence # 1 program of the Cité internationale des arts with the finishing of the three exhibitions: Mirror Traveling by Andrés Baron, Dynamies by Jacques Duboux and Myth in Place by Regine Rode, Niko Abramidis & NE and Susi gelb.
International City of Arts – 18 rue de l’Hotel de Ville, 75004, Paris.
Metro 7 Pont Marie
Metro 1 St. Paul

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