Call for applications – exhibition curator – CreArt 2020

Deadline : July 7th, 2019


Genoa (Italy) & gt; Skopje (North Macedonia) & gt; Aveiro (Portugal)

The aim of the CreArt network is to promote the visual arts in Europe through exchange and professionalization programs for artists, artees and professionals in the sector. It is in this sense that the European exhibition represents one of the highlights of the network’s ac vity by giving curators and artees the opportunity to work on a European scale.

The curator of the European Exhibition 2019 is responsible for the following tasks:

• the definition of the theme and of the collective exhibition that will be the subject of his application;
• the selection of exhibi on ares: the curator will receive from member cities a
maximum of 10 ar stes. The curator will analyze the portfolios and establish the list of ares
selected with the minimum of one ar st per city (selected in December 2019);
• From the list of ares established, the curator will work with each of them to determine the works presented in the exhibition (January 2020). The three welcoming cities
the exhibition will have provided at this stage the exhibition space plan.
• preparing a detailed exhibition plan with the list of works, technical speci
  insurance values ​​(February 2020);
• the writing of introductory text (9000 characters) and archival biographies (800 characters each) for the catalog (March 2020).
• the curator will be present for each of the three montages as well as the press conferences and inaugurations of each of the three exhibitions.

The compensation is € 1,500 (all charges and taxes included) for each of the 3 cities (€ 4,500). The expenses (accommodation – meals – transport) are also supported.

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