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Application deadline



Phase 0: Selection of Curatorial Team – Mid February 2021 
Phase 1: Concept Development – March to August 2021
Phase 2: Project production – Sept 2021 to June 2022
Phase 3: Event(s) – August/September 2022


Katrin Sohns – Head of Culture/Programme North West Europe :


Goethe-Institut London is currently seeking a curatorial duo to establish and manage PopUp Goethe Iceland, with a project period extending from March 2021 to September 2022.


Iceland has always been an important partner in Germany’s international cultural relations, exchanging and cooperating on key issues such as sustainability, AI, feminism as well as collaborating in the teaching of the German language. Despite not having a Goethe-Institut in Iceland, the country has always been an important focus of the Goethe-Institut networks of the North-Western European region. The current open call aims to strengthen the existing cultural relations and to foster new and meaningful ways of global and cross national exchange, and thus to produce knowledge.


PopUp Goethe Iceland is conceived as a vessel for hybrid, ambitious projects that can speak across and between frameworks, both conceptual, as well as physical. It should include existing / conceived / ongoing projects by the Goethe-Instituts in Northwestern Europe as well as develop new ideas that resonate with the local audience. It should encompass the following:

  • public accessibility is paramount
  • the duration should be limited to a specific time period and to venue(s)/space(s) across Iceland (the festival format is suggested)
  • a clear commitment to sustainability should be demonstrated
  • digital and hybrid formats are to be included and explored
  • reflections on a sustainable continuation, possibly online
  • The application is open to curators, artists, festival leaders, educators, writers, organizers and other practitioners.
  • The application should be sent in as a duo / tandem.
  • It is expected that one member of the duo is based in Iceland and the other one in Germany.
  • Ideally, both curators are fluent in English, one of the two in Icelandic
  • Experience in presenting contemporary art (such as exhibition curation, art writing, organizing discursive events, mediation, etc.) is expected, knowledge of Icelandic/German art scene.
  • While not a requirement, priority will be given to applicants with a degree in art, philosophy, architecture, design, social sciences and/or critical theory, or equivalent experience that they can demonstrate.

Application deadline: 31.01.2021

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