Call for appplications – Curatorial Program – Innovators Grant 2015, Node Center, Berlin, Germany

Call for appplications – Curatorial Program – Innovators Grant 2015, Node Center, Berlin, Germany

Following our aim to develop new strategies in curatorial practice and beyond, Node Center for Curatorial Studies Berlin is thrilled to announce the launch of the Curatorial program – Innovators Grant 2015, a new two-month long program to develop experimental learning methods in fields outside of art.

Through our Curatorial Program – Innovators Grant we will bring together six risky thinkers/makers willing to expand the use of art and curation. With the idea of looking out from an art perspective, we will explore through the Program how art practices can enrich and provide practical uses to education.

The Program will be held in Berlin, Germany, focusing on art-thinking rather than the art-object, applying the possibilities of art to education in other fields. By art-thinking, we are referring to strategies of knowledge that question the everyday, using intuitive, creative and poetic approaches to find different access points or pathways to known topics.

For a two-month period we will work intensively through brainstorming sessions, research, adventures and experimentation. There is no set final outcome to the Program, we will instead collaborate together to develop imaginative manuals or strategic guides. It will be a hands-on program!

Node Center is an art organization focused on curatorial practice. We work to expand and challenge the current limits of art and curation to stimulate different ways of approaching these practices. During the past three years we have held eight curatorial residencies which drew together groups of curators to provide basic practical and theoretical skills. Each residency resulted in an exhibition and publication. We also have an ever-growing platform of online courses, bringing together participants worldwide. Now we take it a step further with the Curatorial Program – Innovators Grant.

Application deadline: 15 February, 2015

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