Call for applictions – 2016 Program, CAPACETE, Brazil

Call for applictions – 2016 Program, CAPACETE, Brazil

CAPACETE launches the second edition of its yearly program in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for up to 12 international participants dedicated to research and practice in the arts and critical thought. It will start its second edition in March 2016.

CAPACETE acts at the intersection of various social and professional fields, thus requiring the selected participants to fully embrace an open and “horizontal” dialogue, and to actively engage in program activities by instigating projects that can in turn act as platforms for disseminating information, promoting active responses, and generating public debate.

Program Aims
+ To build on the legacy of 16 years of activity by the CAPACETE entertainments international residency program within a different program and structure;
+ To contribute to the local context by providing an educational research program of public interest for national and international young practitioners;
+ To foster new modes of operation and instigate a collective sensibility;
+ To rethink modes of production in an accelerated society;
+ To shape different labour relations based on conviviality and exchange;
+ To promote cross-disciplinary research within the different spheres of the social, establishing a forum for continuous public debate and exchange related to contemporary aesthetical practices and socio-political issues;
+ To establish and maintain a specialized archive and database on local and international cultural practices, including publications, dossiers, exhibitions, seminars and a website;
+ To create an environment that is accessible to participants from different economical backgrounds by helping finance their living expenses and participation in the program;
+ To interact with the local art context and community;
+ To collaborate with other similar national and international initiatives;
+ To operate in a sustainable and environmentally-conscious manner, and foster awareness by means of specific events, such as seminars, events, use of eco-friendly technologies, etc.;

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