Call for applications – Vessel’s International Curatorial Workshop 2017, Bari, Italy

Applications due by July 23, 2017

Applications are now open for the sixth edition of Vessel’s International Curatorial Workshop.
ICW 2017 will be articulated around the notion of para-institution and how the process of instituting from a grass-root perspective challenges, complies with, and/or imitates traditional institutional forms.

The workshop follows on from Vessel’s investigation into the legacy of institutional critique, and its ongoing institutional and organisational experiments. It is inspired by the notion of ‘instituent practices’ understood as practices that “invent new forms of instituting” (Raunig, 2009) without necessarily crystallizing into pre-fixed structures and procedures. Research questions include:
– What is the potentiality of an instituent practice in the contemporary context of Southern Europe?
– What are the specificities of such an endeavour from a Southern perspective?
– What are the organisational and operative tools that self-initiated organisations such as Vessel should provide themselves with, in order to responsibly address the social, political and cultural fabric in which they operate?

During the workshop Vessel will function as a case study, a common terrain where together with the participants and the tutors we will imagine new futures and new configurations for the organisation. Indeed, the theme of the workshop is stimulated by an important shift in Vessel’s path: we have received the support of the Italian government in order to secure 18 months of activity. What does the transition from a nomadic, flexible, and intermittent condition, to a physical, temporarily stable headquarter entail?

Artists, curators, researchers, academics and practitioners with an interest in social and political engagement and in grass-roots organisations are encouraged to apply. Interested applicants of any nationality may apply. No study certificate or academic degree is required.

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