Call for applications – Summerschool, ‘MAKING PUBLIC DOMAIN’, Middelheimmuseum, Antwerp, Belgium

DEADLINE: 15 August 2017

Summer School #2 ‘MAKING PUBLIC DOMAIN’ will examine how public domain can be made and what role art can play in this. Public space does not actually exist, but must constantly be created and activated. Which strategies then – artistic, civil, activist, social, political, legal, etc – are able to generate public space?

An interdisciplinary group of participants and guests will tackle a different theme every day, by means of workshops, lectures, artistic interventions and case studies. Summer school participants will be actively involved in a 5-day exchange between artists and experts unraveling the concepts and practice of ‘making public domain’.


A space only becomes public when other voices, opinions and images make visible what otherwise remains invisible. A productive dialogue on the ‘making public domain’ can only make sense in an interdisciplinary approach, involving both guests and participants from various domains of knowledge and expertise: artists, experts, students, architects, art professionals, patrons and intermediaries, but also, lawyers, politicians, urbanists, sociologists, journalists and citizens. That’s why during this summer school, professionals with various backgrounds will fuel the discussion with their personal experience, method and strategies in making public domain. Polyphony is key. After all, the confrontation with an alternative voice or a controversial image always elicits discussion or dissent. This is at the same time the essence of the public domain: it always leaves open the possibility of dissensus.

The 5-day Summer School opens up an interdisciplinary network of professionals, knowledge and expertise by creating a shared scenario allowing for a collective and individual learning process. During everyday an inspiring selection of relevant cases and theoretical reflections connected to the theme will be introduced. This allows anyone to participate and contribute to the discussion from their own perspective. In the evening the Summer School offers keynote lectures on the daily topic to a wider public of stakeholders.

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