Call for applications – SOMA Summer 2015, México

Call for applications – SOMA Summer 2015, México

OMA Summer is a unique eight-week program for international artists, curators, critics and art historians, conducted in English in Mexico City.

SOMA Summer introduces participants to the dynamic art scene of Mexico City through visits to museums, openings, and artists’ studios. Designed to promote intense creative work and open dialogue, the program is built around a series of seminars and workshops led by renowned Mexican and international artists. Participants meet weekly for individual critiques with a variety of artists and curators. Activities are designed to promote intense creative work and artistic dialogue.

SOMA is a space for reconsideration and reflection, where artists have the opportunity to critically analyze their work and to revisit their creative processes. SOMA facilities offer shared studio spaces. Although labs and workshops are not available, we do provide logistical support for producing work within Mexico City. Successful applicants must demonstrate significant experience in their field and will be expected to participate in all program activities.

All program activities are in English.

SOMA Summer 2015
The excessive elasticity of the international monetary and financial system (and its role in the recent financial crisis), coupled with the excessive emission of carbon dioxide (leading, inevitably, to global warming) might provoke an urge to slow down, to contain. Excess, seems to be the malaise of our time.

During SOMA Summer 2015, we will focus on the idea of excess and its relationship with contemporary art. We will depart from the proposal of the French writer Georges Bataille, who considers excess in the form of waste or « expenditure » not as a malaise, but as an outlet of energy that needs to be spent. It is here that he locates art. Along these lines, we will analyze the libidinal forces that connect the economic and aesthetic spheres. We will also revise the overwhelming Baroque style (specifically the Mexican Baroque), which developed in the 17th century as a manifestation of the power of the Church and the State, as well as its influence in today’s art production and consumption. Our notion of excess will, itself, expand as we explore the concept during seminars, lectures, and workshops with participating artists, curators, and academics in the field.

Application deadline: March 2, 2015

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