Call for applications – Perspektive – Fund for Contemporary Art and Architecture, France/Germany

The call for projects by Perspektive runs from October 1 until December 1, 2016.

Perspektive – Fund for Contemporary Art and Architecture, initiated by the Bureau for Visual Arts of the Institut français Germany, aims to support projects happening between France and Germany. It is funded by the French Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Culture, the Institut français and the Goethe-Institut and it is supported by the Deutsche Bank to reinforce the cultural cooperation between the two countries.

Perspektive supports projects that focus on exchange and collaboration with artists, architects and intermediaries between Germany and France.

Only proposals that contribute to the dissemination of ideas and competences will be funded: projects including concept and research labs, panel discussions, workshops, symposia, conferences or performances.

Perspektive is aimed at public and private institutions. These include museums, art centers, architecture centers, Kunstvereins, galleries, architecture agencies, project spaces, artist-run spaces, alternative exhibition venues.

The call for proposals takes place once a year for the forthcoming year.

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