Call for applications – Curators’ research residency programme in Vienna, Austria

Call for applications – Curators’ research residency programme in Vienna, Austria

The programme CURATORS’ AGENDA: VIENNA 2015 is envisaged to answer your specific professional aspirations and to provide you with the unique first-hand curatorial experience through a 4 week residency in Vienna, Austria. C’A programme is envisioned as an intensive four week research residency programme for emerging curators from all around the globe, who seek to discover Vienna’s contemporary art scene in-depth and who are eager to immerse themselves into diverse narratives and inclinations of the Viennese contemporary art world.

The programme will foster communication between curators and notable agents of the Vienna art scene by creating a platform for intercultural exchange, thus promoting dissemination of contemporary art from Austria and encouraging the mobility of all parties involved.

The C’A programme will include talks, study trips and encounters with curators and cultural educators from leading institutions and self-organized art spaces as well as with freelance operators and entrepreneurs in the field of contemporary art which will reflect on their work and role as mediators between artist and audience in different contexts.

Moreover, a special attention will be drawn to the creation of individual relations with artists, which is why one part of the programme will be dedicated to studio visits of prominent Viennese artists. Furthermore, the C’A curators will be provided with know-how modules and workshops related to exhibition management and production, with the possibility to organize and execute one mutual project, as a final agenda of the four week programme in a partnership with University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

C’A programme is aiming to provide its participants with the genuine and overall in-depth knowledge of the contemporary art scene in Vienna;

C’A programme is committed to provide a platform for cultural exchange and collaboration to international emerging curators as well as to representatives of Viennese contemporary art community;

C’A programme fosters a network among the programme participants and all parties included in the programme and provides opportunities for individual relevant knowledge expansion and interpersonal connections;

C’A programme provides opportunity for reflection on “lessons learned’’ through the execution of a final curatorial group-exhibition.

Application deadline: August 15TH, 2015
Duration: 23rd September – 31st of October, 2015

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