Call for applications – Curator Competition / International Visual Arts Festival inSPIRACJE 2016, Poland

Call for applications – Curator Competition / International Visual Arts Festival inSPIRACJE 2016, Poland

The organizers of inSPIRACJE International Visual Arts Festival invite artists, curators or curatorial teams to take part in the Curator Competition, one of the biggest events in the area of visual arts in Poland. The deadline for submitting applications is 31st August 2015. Applications that comply with the rules of the competition (available at, shall be sent to The inSPIRACJE The Curator Competition is a unique opportunity for people with different levels of experience and for innovative projects in the area of visual arts.
For 10 years the festival followed a well-known and proven formula i.e. apart from the main exhibition, there were various accompanying projects such as the competition exhibition, thematic exhibitions and additional art events. The new decade, however, has made the organisers change the formula of the festival into a different, unique format. Subsequent editions from 2016 onwards, shall focus on innovative approach to the presentation of visual arts. The winner of the competition for the Curator, through the implementation of his or her original concept of the exhibition shall be a creator and an active participant in this process.
For the purpose of creating the new formula we invite artists, curators, curatorial teams, artists and visionaries of cultural life, writers, philosophers namely everybody showing enthusiasm to go beyond the framework of his or her existing artistic activity and those who wish to participate in creating inSPIRACJE 2016. We are looking for people who want to experiment and to break with the existing schemes.
The winner of the competition shall have a unique opportunity to contribute to the international event, which will be held in the middle of 2016. As a reward the winner shall receive remuneration, organization and possible production under the project, reimbursements of travel expenses for the winners and artists involved in the project, or placing information on the project in inSPIRACJE catalogue.


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