Call for applications – Cultures of the Curatorial, Master of Arts program, Leipzig, Germany

Call for applications – Cultures of the Curatorial, Master of Arts program, Leipzig, Germany

In which way is the curatorial relevant within the cultural field under the conditions of globalization? How do techniques, strategies and effects of the curatorial relate to those of art and science? Which are the similarities and the perspectives of mutual exchange? Which specificities does the curatorial develop in the different arts and which forms does it take in the different cultures? What are the functions of the curatorial in the respective aesthetic, social or economic context? Tightly interweaving theory and practice, these are some of the questions which the MA program Cultures of the Curatorial addresses.

Cultures of the Curatorial is a postgraduate part-time program, founded in 2009, which combines application-oriented research practice with theoretical reflection. It is conceived for people with different disciplinary and professional backgrounds—the arts, cultural mediation, human, social and natural sciences—who are interested in an engaged work within the cultural field as well as in a concentrated, well-founded theoretical and practical additional qualification for a professional practice in the curatorial field.

– History and Theory of the Curatorial/History of exhibiting
– Modern and Contemporary Art History and Theory
– Research Practice I: Curatorial Project
– History and Theory of the Curatorial/Transdisciplinarity
– History and Theory of the Curatorial/Transculturality
– Research Practice II: MA Project/Conception
– Research Practice III: MA Project

The modules can be studied alongside work. The theory courses usually take place in four to five blocks per semester. This offers the opportunity to continue an occupational activity and follow one’s own projects parallel to the study program.

Application deadline: April 30, 2015

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