Call for applications – Call for curators/crtitics, Yicca Project, Italy

Yicca Project is the annual exhibition and curatorial program run by Yicca Network. We are searching for, we endorse and we promote the best artistic talents through continuous cooperation between spaces, art galleries, curators and international professional artists.

The program was established from the need to create a system of professional connections in the contemporary art world, conceiving new opportunities of collaboration for artists and challenging work projects for curators and art spaces. Thanks to the long-lived experience of Yicca, which since 2009 organizes and manages exhibitions and artistic awards, and thanks to new and constant professional contributions, we are able to offer a wide range of exhibition and curatorial proposals.

Yicca Project organizes and manages an annual program of exhibitions, each one different in themes, numbers of artists participating in, types and quantity of the presented works. The exhibitions are scheduled throughout the year; the artists enrolled in the program will be invited to the shows.

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