DEADLINE 18/06/2017 – Call for curator – kunstraum lakeside, Klagenfurt, Autriche

The kunstraum lakeside is a place for the production and presentation of international modern art with the aim of provoking critical discussion about aspects of the economy relevant to society. Based at the Lakeside Science & Technology Park close to the University of Klagenfurt, the art space operates at the interface between economic, scientific and cultural research, practical input and forms of discourse. In October 2005, the art space was opened between the management of Lakeside Park and curators Christian Kravagna and Hedwig Saxenhuber, in 2015 Hemma Schmutz followed as a curator. The permanent installation of the art space has reinforced the public nature of the art programme and extended and enriched the region’s art institutes with a new and unique location which promotes critical art theory discussion at an international level.

The aim of the art space is to convey and confront divergent perspectives on shared social relations. Through its various exhibitions, public art projects, talks, discussions, film evenings, publications and cooperation with individual institutes at the university, the art space aims to trigger an interdisciplinary debate around the issues of the day and generate suitably comprehensive publicity. Implementing such a programme should do justice to the close-knit ties in spatial terms which exist between the worlds of finance, university life and the artistic environment.

The art space was designed by the artist Josef Dabernig as an exhibition, project and events area and sees itself as a place for open communication and discussion. The curator should devise in acceptance of this requirement a programme for the art space which focuses on the links between science, technology and art and highlights the crossovers between contemporary art production, scientific methods and technological innovation. The curator is required to stick to a budget but is otherwise free to organise programmes as he/she feels is appropriate. We are looking for curators with experience in the field of interdisciplinary art and art in connection with technological and scientific fields and in particular would like to hear from those who work in a cross and interdisciplinary way in this respect.

Thanks to its location at a science and technology park close to the university, the art space offers the advantage of having direct contact with both university and business institutions and therefore being able to operate as a link between these fields. In the setting of the technology park and with the park’s support, theme-based projects can be implemented which adopt a critical, reflective and perceptive approach to setting of the Lakeside Park and beyond. The curators and artists can collaborate with individuals from the worlds of cultural science, research and natural science to investigate and reflect the influence of modern technology and forms of communication on society, economics and the individual.

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