Call for applications – Autonomous Biennale ‘Cf’ project at GradCAM Research Pavilion Venice

Deadline for submissions – 11th August 2017

A call for artists and curators to participate in ‘Cf’ at The Research Pavilion, Venice, 2017.

‘Cf’ is an International project, initiated by artist Jeanette Doyle (Ireland) for GradCAM @ The Research Pavilion, Venice, September 29 to October 1, 2017. ‘Cf’ uses the Biennale as its template with particular attention to the staging of National Pavilions where artists and curators are invited to represent a nation of their own choosing in a manner of their own determination. ‘Cf’ will manifest as a worldwide exhibition of contemporary art in streets, shops, homes, bedrooms, public spaces including galleries around the world. As well as the project’s physical presence(s), ‘Cf’ will be manifest in Venice as a series of projections, the temporal selection of which will be determined by an algorithm, representing videos and sounds files which capture international iterations of the project. Projects will be represented in the Pavilion prioritized by their conceptual remit and context. ‘Cf’ will subtly subvert the well-worn Biennale model by allowing both selected and self-selecting artists/participants to nominate and represent their chosen country and to create work in response to that context on an incredibly intimate or epic scale. ‘Cf’ will extend a network of invitations, however, it is also within the scope of the project for artists and curators to self nominate and stage projects where they claim the right to represent a nation of their choosing in a site they deem appropriate. Parallel to these broad conceptual concerns, ‘Cf’ also seeks to question emergent modes of production, presentation and dissemination of art as well questioning the forces, which allow the production of objects and ideas to find a home within the ‘artworld’.

In order to submit your proposal as an individual or as a curator of a group selection for inclusion in the ‘Cf’ project as part of GradCAM @ the Research Pavilion in the context of the 57th Venice Biennale please complete the form, by doing so you should nominate which Nation state you would like to represent and where this representation (in which National State) will take place.

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