Call for applications – apexart Franchise Program

Submit: February 1- 29, 2016

On February 1, 2016 apexart opens its 9th annual Franchise Program Open Call for exhibition proposals: an opportunity to propose and produce an exhibition that takes place anywhere in the world outside of New York City. No prior curatorial experience is necessary, and anyone may apply.

apexart accepts:

• Proposals for an idea-driven, group exhibition to take place anywhere in the world besides NYC.

• Proposals may be a maximum of 500 words. No images, CVs, or links accepted, and no confirmed artist lists are required.

• Four winners are selected by an international jury of over 150 individuals, using apexart’s online anonymized crowd-sourced voting system.

• Winners each receive an exhibition budget of up to $6,000 USD, a location rental budget of up to $2,000 USD, a curatorial honorarium of $2,000 USD, and administrative support necessary to present their idea as an apexart Franchise Exhibition.

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