Call for applications – 2 Online Courses by Node Center, Berlin, Germany

Application deadlines: June 11 and 13, 2016

– Key Moments in the History of Curating –

Key moments in the history of curating is a course designed to provide curators with a guide to important turning points in the last 100 years of exhibition-making. Each week we will focus on key exhibitions that changed the course of contemporary curating in order to achieve a richer understanding of where we stand today, as well as to gain creative insights from some of the innovative ideas of the past.

By looking back to the context that each pivotal point arose from, we will dig into the history of why these exhibitions were so significant or groundbreaking. Further, we will then trace these turning points through to the present day to explore where their impact can be felt and what kinds of curatorial forms they have since transformed into.

Through concrete case studies, the course aims to give participants a grounding in the history of significant exhibitions as well as to provide inspirations for future directions in curating.

Application deadline: Saturday, June 11, 2016

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– Research Methods for Curators and Artists –

Learn to bring out the best in your topic by undertaking in-depth and creative research before starting a project. Each week we will go through different phases of research, starting from defining your topic to knowing where to look for information, organising your content and finally editing and refining information to move your research into the real world.

Research methods for curators and artists will equip you with the tools and methods for gathering ideas and information – from classic academic approaches to fieldwork and experimenting with prototypes. Throughout the course we will examine how to use brainstorming and mind mapping techniques to go beyond the boundaries of your topic; get the most from online and real world content; and learn how to systematise your resources whether they be books, artworks, locations or people.

Each week, participants will directly apply the methods and techniques to a topic of their choosing. By moving through the research phases and gaining feedback along the way, participants will develop a strong foundation of information that could be used in a project.

Application deadline: Monday, June 13, 2016

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