Appel à candidatures – UNIDEE 2019 – Fondazione Pistoletto, Italie

Date limite de candidatures : 29 avril 2019

UNIDEE welcomes your application to participate in one or more of its modules for the 2019 Spring and Summer Terms.

Initiated by artist Michelangelo Pistoletto in 1999, UNIDEE – University of Ideas is the higher educational programme for art and social change of Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto (Italy).

Based on interdisciplinary research, knowledge sharing and field activities, the programme fosters processes of cross-pollination to investigate the relationship between art and public sphere. Organized around intensive modules, the programme is open to artists and other practitioners from all over the world to develop formal, theoretical and critical skills and provides enrolled fellows with feedback and resources to facilitate and support their practices. Each module is moderated by a visiting mentor and is specifically designed to train « artivators », people who intend to use art as a methodology, practice and language advancing the notion of art as a public sphere and political action.

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