Appel à candidatures – Uncertain school 2019: Conspirators of Pleasure, Cali, Colombie

Date limite de candidature : 26 avril 2019

(escuela incierta) is a 6 weeks independent study program, offered by lugar a dudas in Cali, Colombia. It was established in 2017 as a platform for action, practice, and life. 2017 sessions were articulated around forms of resistance to work and, in 2018, the program was structured upon the title Occultures.

(escuela incierta)’s 2019 sessions borrow their name from Jan Svankmajer’s mid-nineties film Conspirators of Pleasure. The title, more than a reference to the work of Svankmajer in itself, works as an invitation to conspire around the blurry edges of jouissance and persistence, where players may find a rich environment charged with narratives, possibilities and plots.

(escuela incierta) is not conceived as a space for professionalization, its aim is not the social validation of artists and, to that extent, it is not a stepladder for climbing the pyramid of personal careerism. What this school offers is a series of conversations, a space for critical discussion and a chance to live together for six weeks in the beautiful city of Cali, a place for easy pleasures and nuanced malaise, but also a great location to rest, cleanse, talk, and engage with people coming from different places, with different interests and passions.

Conspirators of Pleasure will convene for its third year of sessions between July 10 and August 17, 2019, al lugar a dudas, in Cali, Colombia, welcoming local and international participants, lecturers and tutors in an environment that fosters life, interaction and mutual learning.

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