Appel à candidatures – ‘acePIRAR, Buenos Aires, Argentine

Date limite de candidatures : 30 avril 2019

Our residencies support contemporary visual art practices and trans-disciplinary projects (including performance, music and curatorial proposals) promoting EXCHANGE, DEBATE, EXPERIMENTATION and COLLABORATIVE WORK.

Production | Exploration | sub30 | Micro-residency | Palimpsest

We are offering residencies of 4 WEEKS for 2019, as well as 1 week micro-residencies.

What we offer:
Production Residency artists use the ´ace workshop: a large, quiet space with lots of light and equipment to facilitate a variety of traditional and new printing processes. Also, the Poliglota Room, a perfect space for performance, audiovisual installations, lectures, etc.
Exploration residency artists work in The Tower: a quiet and luminous studio located on the second floor with an open view, accessible by a spiral staircase. It is ideal to research, study, write and create.

Artistic residencies are a very nurturing way to grow as an artist, develop an international network and explore new disciplines and ways of thinking. Come to a multicultural city, one of Latin America’s cultural centres with a wide offer of visual arts, theatre, cinema and music. Our ´ace team will guide you through all sorts of cultural and artistic activities happening in this pulsating Latin American city that hosts great events like ArteBA (contemporary art), FIBA (theatre), BAFICI (cinema), Performance Bienal (performance art), FILBA (literature), BAPhoto (photography) and many, many exhibitions, congresses and festivals more.

No application fee. Residencies have a basic fee and the artist can select other options: lodging, materials or technical assistance. Basic fee covers studio space, access to equipment, reviews from a professional team, meals and refreshments at studio hours, studio accident insurance, guidance through the city and cultural events, public transportation card, networking. The residency fee does not include travel, health insurance and shipping expenses.

We are focused on classic and contemporary printing techniques and their interweaving with other mediums, such us photography, installation, video art, digital media, performance, sound art, urban intervention, public art, mural painting, textile art, painting, illustration, artist book…
We have a fully equipped workshop for non-toxic print media techniques such as photolithography, engraving, screen printing, woodcut, mokuhanga, mokulito, monotype, algraphy, bookbinding and more. Our workshop has presses, tools, an assistant and a Master Printer who works in direct contact with our resident artists to secure safe work methods, a permanent feedback during the creation process and active learning through first-hand experience and experimenting.

Our artists-in-residence are expected to work on a specific project and present results (Production Residency) or to do their own research without a specific outcome (Exploration Residency). In both cases, presented projects for residency periods are plausible to mutate and evolve through experiences acquired within the residency periods.
Final exhibitions by resident artists are optional, artist talks are encouraged if residents want to give them and open studio instances to foster exchange with local artist community are available in our space upon conversation with resident artists.

Candidates have to start the online application process through our website. They should fill out the respective form according to the type of requested residency, present a project or research subject for their stay and accompany this proposal with a full CV and material documenting previous works. We do not accept physical applications; CVs are to be sent by email in .pdf format and works in .jpg format, or a link to video hosting sites. The selection process considers the presented project or research subject, its relevance to local and international art standards and its feasibility, the availability of the selected dates and how artists from different parts of the world and different backgrounds or mediums may interact enriching each other’s processes.