SAVE THE // // PUBLIC POOL #5 “VICINITIES” // 22nd September // Cité internationale des arts

22nd september – 6-10pm
Cité internationale des arts


Kim Jong-un & Moon Jae-in, Panmunjom, 27th April 2018

Kim Jong-un & Moon Jae-in, Panmunjom, 27th April 2018


Antikythera ephebe, Mahdia Aphrodite, Riace bronzes, Lošinj Apoxyomenos : the many statues yielded up from shipwrecks substantiate that artworks move since Antiquity.
As regards the artists, curators or critics, the favoured type of displacement is the residence : during a short or long time, a new studio, a new landscape, a new scene can be experienced. The distance taken with the initial context reorganises the creative process and allows the insularity of an heterotopia as much as the friction of vicinities.
The supposed benefit of these new horizons, alterity and strangeness lies in the enrichment of the references and frames of the work of creation. Producing in another way is the goal of the artist residence.
The exile of other workers and of political refugees invites to (re)consider the notion of border in a radical way, and to elaborate an active reflection on the crossing of boundaries and of dividing lines between art and life, spaces, mediums, peoples and individuals : this 5th edition of PUBLIC POOL tends to follow these routes.

Proposed by Jean-Christophe Arcos, Madeleine Filippi, Marie Gayet.

Cité internationale des arts – Auditorium
18 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, 75004, Paris
Métro 7 Pont Marie or 1 St. Paul
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The Faune character used in this document was created by Alice Savoie in the frame of a public order from the Cnap, Centre national des arts plastiques in partnership with the Groupe Imprimerie Nationale.