The association C-E-A (French Association of Curators) conducts informative and promotional activities related to the curatorial profession in France and abroad in order to develop professional opportunities for its members. In conjunction with public partners, it works towards diffusing the knowledge of curators residing in France on a regional, national, and international level.

C-E-A aims to encourage those in art and culture to provide the means for curators to develop their projects with artists (for example, through grants, residencies, calls for participation, etc.).

The objectives of C-E-A are as follows:

– Federate curators in order to create bargaining power with decision-making bodies, public organizations, and international partners.

– Formalize curatorial activities in order to participate in the fine arts restructuration movement alongside other member professions.

– Improve the visibility of curatorial work in France.

– Initiate and lead projects that can develop the activities of curators in France, including those residing in France and working internationally.

– Reflect upon the parameters and challenges of curation.