Born in 1975 in Lourdes
Lives and works in Toulouse

+33 6 63 06 08 98

Independent curator. Afterhavingwritten a thesisabout the kitsch in Lourdes as part of her master degree in plastic arts / applied arts, shedeveloppedhersearches on the border betweenvisual arts and sociology by putting in echo the actual social behaviours and artisticpratices.
As an extention of herdutiescarried out during four years (from 2013 to 2017) as a responsible of exhibitions in the area at the Musée des Abattoirs-Frac Occitanie-Toulouse and as an independentcurator, she has been solicited as an expert duringjuries, diplomas of art schools, individual help oncreation – DRAC Occitanie, public ordersunder the 1% artistic.
Since 2016, sheisalsothe artisticdirector of MEMENTO – project of an artisticlaboratorylocated in a formal carmel of the 19th century in Auch (dating of 1835) for which the accomodations and architectural changes are thoughtaccording to the works.

Karine Mathieu isparticularlyinterested in the emergentartisticscenewithwhichshebrings a sharedconsideration on the question of the monstration of the works in spaces not dedicated to exhibitions.
In thisway, shedevelopsresearches on the new forms of exhibition by studying the multiple interactions and frictions betweenrelational practices and currentcreation. Sheoffers alternative models to the classical places of exhibition by exploring the potentialspaces, plastic but also social, economical and politicalquestioning art and its place in society. The traditionalbeliefs and popular practices are the source of hercuratorialprojects, putting experimentation and dialogues withartistsat the heart of the process of a collective creation.


EN MARGE – Memento – Departmental Space of Contemporary art (Auch)
Bertille Bak, 
Le Gentil Garçon, 
Benoît Luisière,
 Pierre Monjaret, Benjamin Paré,
 Laurent Perbos, 
Marine Semeria, 
Xavier Veilhan, 
Pauline Zenk & Lilie Pinot.

SUPRA RÉEL – Memento – Departmental Space of Contemporary art (Auch)
Hervé Coqueret, David Coste, ALP le collectif, collectif Df*, Laurie Dall’Ava, Fred Eerdekens, Daniel Firman, Delphine Gigoux-Martin, Audrey Martin, Martin Monchicourt, Philippe Ramette

 (on a same theme ) – as co-statury with Magali Gentet – the National Scene of the Parvis (Ibos)
Davide Balula, Dominique Blais, Jeremy Deller, Rolf Julius, Eddie Ladoire, Rainier Lericolais, Élodie Lesourd, Arnaud Maguet

Jérôme SOUILLOT, Abdelhakim Didane & Elvira Martinez, Collectif Victor-Victoria, Red Bind – Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman, Romuald Jandolo-Dumas, Nicolas Maureau and archives of ethnographic documentaries.

PROUE AU SOMMET D’UNE FALAISE – Center of contemporary art Chapelle Saint-Jacques (Saint-Gaudens)
Creation residences and immersion in the work Dom-inoby Rirkrit Tiravanijawith the students (Superior school of art of the Pyrenees, Superior Institute of Arts of Toulouse, Master researches at the University Jean-Jaures).

INCIDENT DOMESTIQUE – Memento – Departmental Space of Contemporary art (Auch)
Martin Arnold, Michel Blazy, Franck Scurti, Richard Fauguet, Bertrand Segonzac and Marie Sirgue

NOUVELLES CURIOSITÉS – Calbet Museum – Popular Arts and Traditions (Grisolles)
John Armleder, Katinka Bock, Daniel Bonnal, Robert Breer, Jean-Gabriel Coignet, Guy De Cointet, Dimitry Orlac, Susanna Fritscher, Tony Grand, Thomas Grünfeld, Ann Veronica Janssens, Vittorio Messina, Corinne Sentou.

POINT(S) DE VUE – Fortified Castel and Pyrenean Museum (Lourdes)
David Coste, Julien Pastor, Fleur Noguera, Dove Allouche and the fine arts and ethnographics collections of the Pyrenean Museum.

FESTIN – Taurines Castel(Aveyron)
Michel Blazy, Robert Breer, Denise Bresciani, Sabine Anne Deshais, Jeanne Dunning, Thomas Grünfeld, Carsten Höller, Michel Journiac, Bea McMahon, Myriam Mechita, Pierre Mercier, Max Mohr, Philippe Parreno, Rirkrit Tiravanija.

PANORAMA – The Carmel, Tarbes
Paulien Barbas, Jagna Ciuchta, Laurie Dall’Ava, Sophie Dubosc, Charles Fréger, Toni Grand, Victor Gray, Julje Knifer, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, Takesada Matsutani, Pat O’Neill, Bruno Peinado, Florian Pugnaire, Pierre Soulages, Djamel Tatah, Thu Van Tran.

 – Four grea tnatural sites located in the Hautes-Pyrénées
Bertrand Lamarche, Fleur Noguera, Etienne Chambaud, Jason Glasser

A CONTRESENS DE L’OUBLI – Taurines Castel (Aveyron)
Becky Beasley, Berdaguer & Péjus, Florence Carbonne, John Cornu, Maïder Fortuné, Jean-Louis Garnell, Jeff Guess, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, Robert Malaval, Yazid Oulab, Bertrand Segonzac, Lucy Skaer

AFIAC – PLASTIC QUEER – “Des artistes chez l’habitant” – FIAC
Co-statutory Patrick Tarrès et Magali Gentet
Delphine Balley, Jean Biche, Red Bind, Anna Burlet, Romuald Dumas-Jandolo, Evor, Pascal Lièvre, Hélène Mourrier, Tony Regazzoni

INTERSECTION – Network of indepedentbookstores(Midi-Pyrénées)
Stephan Dean, Jason Glasser, Tania Mouraud, Fleur Noguera, Marianne Plo, Franck Scurti

FROM HERE TO EAR – The National Scene of The Parvis(Ibos)
Céleste Boursier-Mougenot

CONVERSATION(S) – Maison Fermat, Beaumont de Lomagne
Cevdet Erek

Mark Dion

TERRITOIRES UTOPIQUES – Hut of hunter and former tribunal (Country of Lourdes)
Frédéric Nicolau, Greg Vezon