Call for applications – 2019 Research-Based Curatorial Project, The OCAT Institute, Beijing, China

Submissions should be received by 24:00 on March 31,2019.

The OCAT Institute is pleased to announce the official launch of the “2019 Research-Based Curatorial Project.” We are now accepting research-based exhibition proposals from the academic and art circles. Submissions should be received by 24:00 on 31 March 2019.

The “Research-based exhibition” is a type of art exhibition with specific characteristics and functions. As an institution dedicated to both art research and exhibition, the OCAT Institute has initiated the “research-based exhibition” as an integral part of its annual programs since 2018. The aim is to promote the integration of art and scholarship, and to provide practical opportunities and an interactive platform for scholars and curators in the field of contemporary art and art history.

With the launch of this year’s “Research-Based Curatorial Project,” the OCAT Institute looks forward to receiving more proposals with outstanding research depth and vivid spatial description.

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