8-9-10 September

Sharing curatorial practices in France and Belgium


Organised by the French association of curators C-E-A, the programme of reflection and exchange CURATORIAL FUTURE 2017 takes the notion of community as point of departure. In the form of a prologue to the “COMnuTIES” exhibition to be held at ISELP, curators, artist-curators and art professionals are invited to discuss issues related to curatorial practices in the French and Belgian context.
is a common project? What are the different approaches to artistic and curatorial practices? What nuances are there between profession and activity? Which curatorial practice for the future? What kind of network is to be built for the years to come? Taking place during the Brussels Gallery Weekend, this programme aims to benefit from the effervescence of the Brussels artistic scene and to reflect the diversity of profiles and personalities with very distinct aspirations and careers that evolve in various professional contexts.
FUTURE TALKS will feature several debates (in French and in English) on the issues of professionalisation of curatorship. In order to confront different perspectives on the status of the curator and the artist as curator, and more specifically on the status of the curator as author, the programme is open to the Brussels Gallery Weekend visitors, professionals and students.

FRIDAY 8 SEPTEMBER – 15:00 – 19:00 – “Perspectives on the status of the curator”. Since its creation in France ten years ago, C-E-A has been working on drawing up a contract to affirm the commissioner’s status as an author. Starting with a presentation of the outline of the contract and its challenges, the discussion will consider the nuances between the notions of profession and activity as well as the issue of recognition by decision-making.

Valentine Busquet, Curator, C-E-A member
Alex Chevalier, Curator, C-E-A member
Émeline Dufrennoy, Curator, C-E-A member
Madeleine Filippi, Curator, C-E-A member
Tania Nasielski, Curator, 105 Besme (to be confirmed)
Asad Raza, Director, Villa Empain – Fondation Boghossian
Anne-Claire Schmitz, Curator, La Loge
Dirk Snauwaert, Director, WIELS
Lilou Vidal, Curator, Bureau des Réalités
Veronica Valentini, Curator, C-E-A member

Moderated by Septembre Tiberghien
Transcription by Kate Christina Mayne

SATURDAY 9 SEPTEMBER – 15:00 – 19:00 – “From learning to doing”. About innovative educational formats and learning-by-doing opportunities

Valentine Busquet, Curator, C-E-A member
Alex Chevalier, Curator, C-E-A member
Sonia Dermience, Curator, Komplot & The SCHOOL OF CURATING
Josine De Roover, Curator, NICC & Cas-co à Louvain
Émeline Dufrennoy, Curator, C-E-A member
Madeleine Filippi, Curator, C-E-A member
Aurélie Gravelat, Artist, ARBA-ESA – Master CARE, Brussels
Laura Herman, Curator, La Loge
Antony Hudek, Curator, Curatorial Studies, KASK School of Arts, Ghent
Emilie Lecouturier, Scenographer, MASDEX – Master in Exhibition Design at ARTS² Mons
Septembre Tiberghien and Wouter Huis, Curator and artist, Greylight Project
Veronica Valentini, C-E-A member
Charlotte Van Buylaere, Curator, Netwerk Aalst and De Appel, Amsterdam

Moderated by Lissa Kinnaer, Kunstenpunt/Flanders Arts Institute
Transcription by Kate Christina Mayne

SUNDAY 10 SEPTEMBER – 12:00 – 16:00 – “How to work and to share?”. About individual and collective responsibility, new forms of work in common and the impact on organisational and funding models.

Valentine Busquet, Curator, C-E-A member
Alex Chevalier, Curator, C-E-A member
Steyn Bergs and Ronny Heiremans, Artists, CAVEAT, Jubilee
Jean-Baptiste Carobolante et Dieudonné Cartier, Theoretician and artist, Neptune
Dirk De Wit, Head of visual arts and coordinator international relations, Flanders Art Institute
Émeline Dufrennoy, C-E-A member
Madeleine Filippi, C-E-A member
Ann Goossens, Director, Auguste Orts
Veronica Valentini, Curator, C-E-A member

Moderated by Philippine Hoegen
Transcription by Kate Christina Mayne

Participating C-E-A members
* Valentine Busquet, independent curator, Paris, France.
* Alex Chevalier, independent curator, Clermont-Ferrand, France.
* Emeline Dufrennoy, independent curator, Strasbourg, France.
* Madeleine Filippi, independent curator, Paris, France.
* Veronica Valentini, independent curator, Barcelona, Sapin.

Organizing team
* Marianne Derrien, independent curator and Vice-chair of C-E-A, Paris, France.
* Juliette Courtillier, C-E-A coordinator, Paris, France.
* Lucie Orbie, independent curator, board member of C-E-A, General Secretary of 50° Nord, Armentières, France.

ISELP – Institut Supérieur pour le Langage Plastique
Boulevard de Waterloo 31
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In partnership with ISELP, Brussels Gallery Weekend, Flanders Arts Institute, Direction des arts plastiques contemporains of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, and 50° nord Réseau transfrontalier d’art contemporain. With the support of the Direction générale de la création artistique of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and the INSTITUT FRANÇAIS in Paris