BONNIOL Marie-Pierre

Copyright : Philippe Lebruman, 2013

Copyright : Philippe Lebruman, 2013

Marie-Pierre BONNIOL

Collection Morel

Born in Marseille in 1978.
Lives and works between Berlin and Paris.


Active since 1993, Marie-Pierre Bonniol is author, curator and producer, at the origins of many projects (festivals, organizations, magazines). With her program Collection Morel, she explores the notions of the imaginary, the affects, the machineries, the fiction and the dwell, with exhibitions and proposals which have been hosted by Le lieu unique in Nantes, PointCulture in Brussels, Palace in St.Gallen and MUDAM Luxemburg. After having worked on space epiphanies, bachelor machines and imaginary musics, her current work themes are the hotels of Imaginary, grounds of chilhood houses and motherhood.

What is the Imaginary ? What is its place ? And how functions thought ? Collection Morel is a research and implementation program (texts, fictions, films, installations, exhibitions, programs, publications) which, from Aesthetics which is its primary field, take interest in the vizualisations opened by certain spaces and objects allowing the thought, its space and its motricity to represent themselves. Collection Morel proposes exhibitions as potential topographies of those, with a work by notion at the cross of art, litterature and philosophy.



Capítulo de las sombras, Bibliothèque Nationale de la République Argentine, Buenos Aires.

Extraits de bleu, Espace d’en bas, Paris.

Imaginary musics, Palace, St.Gallen.

Suppléments aux machines célibataires, Théâtre Berthelot, Montreuil.

Les machines célibataires, le lieu unique, Nantes.

Quatre programmations, MUDAM, Luxembourg.

Exposition manifeste, PointCulture, Brussels.